Narcotics and medicinal products criminal law

According to the latest police crime statistics, one in ten criminal proceedings in Germany is currently being conducted on suspicion of a violation of the Narcotics or Drugs Act. A wide range of people can be affected by the allegations. They include physicians accused of prescribing narcotics to their patients without medical indication, people accused of illegally drug trafficking, and ordinary users. In addition to criminal sanctions, violations of the Narcotics Act can have drastic collateral consequences, such as the revocation of the driving licence or professional bans.

We comprehensively advise companies in the area of narcotics and pharmaceutical criminal law. Our aim is to prevent problems with the authorities, which can sometimes be very damaging to a company's business. Particularly in the area of "new economy cannabis companies" we assist various companies in their business development.

We also defend individuals facing criminal charges. In the field of narcotics criminal law, a defense strategy tailored to the individual case is essential, as there are a variety of different defense approaches. Finding the right one for each individual case requires the appropriate expertise. The strategy is determined with the client at the beginning and consistently pursued from there on. Frequently, setting the right course in the preliminary proceedings - that is, before an indictment is brought - is decisive for the whole process. Early intervention by the defence can often suspend an existing pre-trial detention order or prevent it from being issued.

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