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A major challenge for management and employees is the large number of criminal and fine-related regulations that companies of all sizes must comply with.

Whereas in the past, the main risks to companies were associated with corruption and collusion in competition, today the violation of a wide range of regulations can result in fines, some of which can be staggering. This is particularly true in the areas of anti-money laundering, foreign trade and data protection. The intensity of prosecution by law enforcement and regulatory authorities is steadily increasing.

As part of their organizational responsibility, management must therefore ensure that employees act in accordance with the law in order to avoid their own risk. In addition, international companies in particular require their business partners to demonstrate that they have taken appropriate precautions to prevent business-related crimes. This also counteracts the risk of being excluded from public contracts. In summary, an adequate compliance program is a prerequisite for sustainable business success.

Where serious misconduct is suspected, internal investigations can help to fully establish the facts, analyze what went wrong and take action to prevent this from happening again. They may also help to avoid or at least significantly reduce fines against those responsible and the company.

Where law enforcement or regulatory authorities have already taken action, professional defense is essential. This requires not only comprehensive knowledge of the relevant criminal and fine provisions, but above all experience and strategic foresight.

We have a team of experienced lawyers at your side to help you deal with the complex challenges effectively and cost-consciously.

If necessary, we call in media lawyers, IT experts or detective agencies to solve "special" problems. The aim is always to manage the crisis "silently".

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