Compliance is not just a buzzword: Ensuring that management and employees comply with laws and regulations is central to good governance, not just in large corporations but also in smaller businesses.

Those who ignore standards and hope that everything will work out fine expose not only the company but also themselves to significant criminal and civil liability. Fines running into millions of Euros, loss of reputation and criminal proceedings are all possible. Just as good financial management is essential in the financial sector, no company today - regardless of its size - can afford to be without a compliance program. The number of mandatory requirements continues to grow, as evidenced by the Supply Chain Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our goal is to work with our clients to develop a compliance program tailored to their risk profile, protects them in the event of investigations (by tax authorities, customs, the police or public prosecutors) and meets the expectations of regulators and business partners.

Each company has typical risks that can be identified with reasonable effort. Surprisingly, these problem areas are often unknown or unacknoledged within the company because many things have traditionally "always been done this way". An external view can help to create the necessary awareness here.

As specialists in criminal and administrative offences law, we know what investigators look for first, which issues are typically risky and which requirements can be easily addressed. Many times it is only small things that need to be corrected to be "on the safe side" again.

In an initial meeting, which can be held discreetly at the client's premises, we discuss the issues at hand with the client and identify any other areas of concern. The further course of action is based on this initial meeting. Our aim is not only to make you feel safe as a business owner, but also to do the right thing proactively. We do not see ourselves as inspectors, but as partners in business. Subsequent assistance is also available upon request, including refresher sessions, internal training and the drafting of policies and procedures. Our aim is to ensure that you do not need to use our skills as a criminal defense lawyer at all.

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