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CCI-LEGAL? We are a team of specialists in criminal law.

The law firm is a further development of the law firm Jofer, Lajtkep & Kollegen. It has strengthened in terms of personnel from 01.03.2023 with Karl Xylander, a colleague experienced in criminal law (formerly partner of an international law firm).

As criminal defense lawyers, we represent individuals and companies if you have already been charged or the target of an investigation.

We help companies tailor compliance programs to effectively prevent breaches of the law and to be well prepared in the event of an investigation.

When laws and regulations are broken, we can help you with internal investigations. We bring expertise, a sense of proportion and commercial understanding.

If necessary, we work in a spirit of trust with specialized colleagues from other law firms.

Our team spirit? To find a pragmatic, cost-effective and discreet solution for our clients.

Representing individuals

We are criminal defense lawyers with heart and soul. Dealing with the police and the public prosecutor's office is normal for us. Our clients are not "professional criminals", but people for whom police investigations are often surprising, sometimes even shocking.

We know the rules of criminal procedure and talk to the investigators as equals. We are happy to help. That is our profession and our vocation.

Companies & Businesses

In every company, questions of criminal relevance arise at some point. Corporate bodies or employees sometimes take risks without being able to assess the consequences.

We provide preventive advice to protect companies from criminal law risks. We identify potential problem areas and discuss the resulting risks.

If necessary, we discreetly conduct interviews and internal investigations.

Areas of law

Criminal regulations and administrative offenses exist in almost all areas of law. We do not only represent you in cases from the "classical criminal law" of the StGB. You are also welcome to contact us if you have a problem in an unusual area of law (secondary criminal law).

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