Representing individuals

People who come to us are often under a great deal of strain. The initiation of criminal proceedings, a search of the home or, in serious cases, an arrest are measures that can throw even stable characters off track.

The so-called "first attack" by the police is meant to take people by surprise and confronts them with a completely new life situation. Brutal changes can occur in the private life and in the job.

We guide our clients through this crisis, highlighting risks and considering the ideal strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

Our aim is to resolve the case as discreetly as possible, preferably without a stressful court hearing and without the involvement of the press. However, if the case does come to the attention of the media, we will work with media professionals to ensure that it's reported in a way which respects the individual's personal rights.

Our lawyers specializing in criminal law are constantly trained and always up to date with the latest legislation.

Helping you get your rights is our passion.

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