Teresa Karrer


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Teresa Karrer already focused on "Criminal Justice, Criminal Defense and Prevention" during her studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, where she dealt in depth with white collar criminal law and current criminal procedural problems. She deepened her passion for criminal law during her legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Munich, during which she gained a wide range of practical experience. During this time, she worked for a Munich law firm specializing in criminal defense as well as for the Munich Public Prosecutor's Office II.

Selected Matters

Provider of airport ground handling and air cargo handling services

- Representation concerning alleged violations of the residence act

- Representation of the management due to alleged violations of working time regulations

Direct selling company

- Advising and representing in connection with fraud investigations of different law enforcement agencies

Security and guarding industry

- Representation of the company in criminal proceedings against senior employees for violations of the Trade Secrets Act

Construction industry

- Advising on potential risks concerning bogus self-employment and social insurance fraud

- Preventive advice on the drafting of subcontractor agreements

- Representation following investigations against the partner of a housing association on suspicion of breach of trust

Socially active association

Advising in connection with investigations against employees

Food industry

Representation of the management in a tax evasion case especially during search operations

Public service

Representing of police officers after misconduct in service

Company engaged in political campaigning

on-event compliance advice

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