Karl-Jörg Xylander


Karl-Jörg Xylander has many years of experience in advising and representing companies and their decision-makers in all areas of white collar crime and regulatory offences.

He also advises on corporate compliance issues, including in relation to business partners, and conducts transaction-related compliance due diligences with a focus on money laundering, corruption, sanctions and embargo risks.

Internal investigations, which Karl-Jörg Xylander either advises on or conducts on behalf of the company, are often related to cross-border investigations by governmental authorities or whistleblowing by employees. The spectrum ranges from suspicions of corruption to allegations of bullying.

Karl-Jörg Xylander's clients include large and medium-sized, often internationally active companies and their decision-makers.

He is regularly recommended as a lawyer for white-collar crime, compliance and internal investigations.

Before joining CCI-LEGAL, Karl-Jörg Xylander headed the German white collar practice of an international law firm and worked as a public prosecutor in the white-collar crime department of the Munich Public Prosecutor's Office (I).

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