Defense in criminal and fine proceedings

Criminal defense is always highly individual. It requires not only the mastery of specialized legal knowledge, but also human empathy, tact, experience and creativity.

Criminal defense is not something one can learn at university or from a textbook. The best solution is no more likely to be found on the internet than the right treatment for a serious illness. We question and analyze the work of the investigators, looking for weaknesses and discussing with you what steps to expect from them next.

No defendant is at the mercy of the police and the prosecution: The Code of Criminal Procedure lays out the rules of the game that all parties to the proceedings should follow. Many investigators follow them, but many do not. The role of the defense is in identifying violations of the law, defending the rights of the defendant, reinforcing his position, and achieving the best possible outcome in the case. We talk to the prosecutors on an equal footing.

Criminal proceedings can be lengthy and go through several phases.

We accompany you from the beginning of an investigation to its conclusion. Our aim is to conclude such proceedings quickly, discreetly, cost-effectively and with the best possible outcome for you. If a trial is unavoidable, we will prepare you intensively for it and, if necessary, not shy away from a confrontation with the prosecution and the court. Many clients fear that if they instruct a criminal defense lawyer they will be considered "guilty" from the outset. This is not true: if you are accused of a crime, you are an accused person! You have the right to a lawyer at every stage of the proceedings, even if you are a witness. Appointing a criminal defense lawyer will ensure that he or she acts as a "firewall" between you and the investigators, meaning that any communication with the authorities will have to go through the defense lawyer - even if the police don't like it. Transparency is important to us: You will, of course, receive the complete file, which we will make available to you in a secure data room on request. We will discuss every step with you, handle communication with the police, tax authorities, prosecutors and courts, and keep you informed of everything we do.

We are not going to leave you alone.

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