Dr. Stefanie Lajtkep


Dr. Stefanie Lajtkep completed both her law studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University and her legal clerkship in Munich.

She has been working together with Dr. Robert Jofer since 2009. Before founding CCI-LEGAL, she was also a partner in the law firm Jofer Lajtkep & Kollegen.

Among others, Dr. Stefanie Lajtkep represented a senior employee of a large milk processing company due to a death in production, the managing director of an airport company due to moonlighting as well as the CEO of a bank in an extensive embezzlement trial. Furthermore, she led the internal investigation of a shipping company for alleged customs violations, among other matters. She is currently representing a civil servant in connection with the drug scandal at the Munich police department as well as the executive of an internationally active corporation for alleged involvement in a serious dam accident in South America.

Since 2016, Dr. Stefanie Lajtkep has held the title of "Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law" and completed her doctorate in general criminal law in 2017.

In addition to her work as a criminal defense attorney and in the field of compliance and internal investigations in companies, Dr. Stefanie Lajtkep teaches as a lecturer in the healthcare sector and is an adjunct lecturer at Ludwig Maximilian University.

Dr. Stefanie Lajtkep regularly defends attorneys before the Lawyers' Court on charges of professional misconduct.

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