Dr. Robert Jofer


Dr. Robert Jofer has been a lawyer for almost 30 years and works exclusively in the field of criminal law. In the early years of his career he represented a wide range of clients (up to and including homicide) and thus became well versed in procedural law. His focus as a certified specialist for criminal law (since 1997) has shifted in the past 10-15 years to the representation of companies and their directors and officers as well as to white collar and tax criminal law. He also frequently acts as defense counsel in cases involving accidents or allegations based on supplementary penal provisions outside the Criminal Code. For example, he recently defended the CEO of a credit institution against the allegation of a property offense, the managing director of a security firm against the allegation of social security fraud and a building contractor in the so-called Ingolstadt corruption scandal. He advises European food manufacturers on various criminal law issues and is currently representing the executive of an international corporation on charges of multiple negligent homicide.

Without exception, the aim is to resolve criminal matters as unspectacularly and efficiently as possible.

Dr. Robert Jofer is a lecturer at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, where he also completed his doctorate on "Criminal Prosecution on the Internet" under Prof. Schöch.

Among other publications, he is the author of the Lawyers' Handbook on Criminal Law (C.H. Beck, 2022) or the StPO Commentary published by Heymanns Verlag (2021).

He is a member of the Criminal Law Working Group of the German Bar Association (DAV), the Business Criminal Lawyers Association (WisteV e.V.) and the Bavarian Criminal Lawyers' Initiative (Initiative Bayerischer Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger e.V.).

Before becoming a lawyer, he studied at the Bavarian Police Academy and worked for several years in various management positions in the police force. This work was an essential experience and very helpful for his later work as a defense lawyer.

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